Black Star is proud to be a Vossen Certified Dealer. We share the same passion, and our team works closely with Vossen to find the perfect wheels for your ride. Vossen Wheels strives to provide the best quality, service, and designs. Vossen specializes in manufacturing monoblock, flow formed & forged wheels in staggered fitments with sizes ranging from 18" to 24" and widths from 8" to 12.5". All of their wheels offer tire pressure sensor compatibility and clearance for most high-performance brake upgrades. Being an innovative and industry-leading company, Vossen also offers deep concave wheels and can proudly say that Vossen Wheels has played a massive role in making concave wheels as popular as they are today. Vossen Wheels are the perfect accessory for those who are looking to stand out in a crowd, while also maintaining performance, comfort, and style.

Vossen's TÜV Verified forged wheel factory is constantly pumping out new designs and colors, making the perfect look and feel for any vehicle.

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Advancing the traditional casting process, the Hybrid Forged Series utilizes flow forming to cut down on weight and increase strength. Flow forming also allows for a great range of wheel widths within each design.                            


The pinnacle of Vossen Forged design, Series 21 is filled with the most aggressive and dynamic designs.                                                                                                                                                    


Aggressive and unique designs comprise Series 17, where any and all ideas and concepts can become reality for nearly any vehicle, from an exotic hyper car to off-road truck application.


Vossen Forged wheels that have been hand polished and/or brushed are finished using transparent powder coats, letting the hand finishing show through any variety of shades.