If you envision it - we can wrap it at Black Star. We use only the most durable and highest quality 3M, KPMF, ARLON, and Oracal film materials. Vinyl wrapping is more cost effective than a new paint job and offers enhanced protection to the paint surface for a major cosmetic improvement. Make minor but impactful changes by wrapping individual trim pieces or protect a bumper for a rally with a clear bra. We’re standing by to help you design something unique to stand out, or black out your car to blend in.

Vinyl Wraps Chrome Delete/Black-Out Sports Cars in Chicago


If you’re after a more subtle style rather than bright, shiny and reflective chrome we can switch to stealth mode for you. Matte black, satin black, carbon fiber wrap - we can make your car stand out without announcing itself. We also offer select, high quality chrome trim delete kits for a more professional conversion. Skip the spray paint, let us help you get high quality results.


Full Body Wrapping for Exotic Sports Cars and Wrap Luxury Cars in Chicago


Black Star provides a large selection of options that can fit any application, whether you're looking for complete vehicle coverage or some other means of producing high impact visual solutions. We use only the most durable and highest quality 3M, KPMF, ARLON, and Oracal film materials. Choose from metallic, super flaky, gloss, matte, matte metallic, satin, satin metallic, iridescent, color flip and any combination for a unique result! Vinyl can be applied to almost any surface: paint, metal, plastic, and glass.


Custom Roof Wrap for Exotic and Luxury Performance Sports Cars in Chicago


You don’t have to do a full wrap to make a big impact! Wrapping the roof is a great way to increase the aesthetics of your car. Gloss black and carbon fiber are two popular choices but we’re standing by to offer unique options to personalize your car. Special care is given to ensure clean edges are left where the roof meets the rest of the body and antenna.


Custom Vehicle Graphics in Chicago



Your entire vehicle is a blank canvas for your creativity and expression. Anything you can dream up we can design. Be it a homage or a totally unique concept - we can help bring it to reality.  Stand out at rallies and car shows with a one-off wrap. Our artists will work with you through the process for a perfect end result.



Headlight and Taillight Tinting Blackout Chicago Exotic Sports Cars Custom


Quickly enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle with colored or tinted headlight and taillight tint from (BRAND HERE). These premium quality films are thicker with less orange-peel than cheaper brands for increased visual clarity, protection, and durability.