An exotic and luxury automobile tuner, providing custom performance upgrades, tuning solutions and Premium Forged Wheels for the world's finest automobiles.
With the introduction of super sport utility vehicle and other new classifications of vehicles in the near horizon our designers and engineers decided to develop a unique and innovative design for what can be described as the new generation of the automobile. The VXS series will incorporate new forward thinking design concepts and some new manufacturing technologies.

Serving as our flagship line, the VLS Series consists of innovative, technologically advanced CNC practices to deliver a model line inspired from the latest automotive and aeronautic design concepts. All VLS models include some of the same design and styling cues that are as visually satisfying as they are functional pursuing the harmonious integration of elegance, style and luxury with performance, weight saving features and strength.

Striking and outlandish the VDS series serves as an alternative to the consumer looking to make a statement when designing and personalizing their automobile. The VDS line up may be regarded as an untraditional by most standards concerning automotive wheel designs but that’s what makes this model line exclusive and desirable to the individual looking for a progressive nonconformist alternative.

The VSS line-up features appealing and accentuating design features across the model range which complement any luxury or exotic automobile. Versatility was the concept behind this particular series of wheels that will perform successfully on any occasion inspiring confidence and expressing a sense of style and elegance from the valet park to your motoring club jamboree.

Classic, well-mannered and with an “OEM-Plus” mentality was the driving force to create a selection of wheels targeted to a consumer who appreciates the added strength, weight saving and improved fitment characteristics of a tailor made forged wheel while maintaining a more conservative profile that can be closely associated to factory equipment on today’s luxury automobiles.