Make a statement by upgrading your wheels and tires. Our advisors can help you customize your car’s wheels based on your budget, style and purpose. Black Star offers a diverse selection of wheel manufacturers, ranging from prestigious custom wheel manufacturers like Vossen, ADV1, Forgiato, and Velos to more budget-minded companies like Ace Alloy, Vorsteiner, and Avant-Garde.

Purchasing wheels directly through Black Star entitles you to the same support and customer service offered by the wheel manufacturers, at a local level. Our staff will spend time with you and provide some expertise to ensure you make the correct decision when selecting wheels for your vehicle.

We work to find the correct offset, width, diameter, and design you want, and can also offer complete TPMS replacement, tires, service, mounting and balancing in-house.


While acceleration and speed are exciting, making sure you can adequately stop is pertinent. Performance isn’t just about the speed, it is about how you control the speed. We have a variation of brake kits and individual components that will best suit your car. Brembo, Stoptech, Fella, Willwood and Goodrich are some of the brands we carry. Give us a call to further assist you.


Black Star offers an array of options for lowering your vehicle.  Our staff will help you pick the perfect setup for your vehicle and purpose. We carry and install a full line of lowering sport springs, coilover suspension kits, air suspension lowering kits, electronic lowering modules, and we are specialists in custom air suspension installations.


We offer everything from a leveling kit that will get you through a small trail, to a full-blown suspension lift kit for off-roading. The choice is yours, call us for a competitive quote.