Suspension & Brakes

Upgrading your suspension is one of the best ways to increase automotive excitement and safety at the same time. Performance isn’t just about the speed, it is about control. A lower center of gravity makes for a better handling car. Upgraded brakes ensure you don’t overwhelm your setup during heavy use. We stock everything from lowering springs to air suspension kits across all major brands and with our extensive knowledge we offer educated decisions to match components together for a proper ride.

Aftermarket Air Suspension for Exotic Performance Sports Cars and Luxury Vehicles


How low do you want to go? Air suspension technology is better than ever. Offering you a smooth, comfortable ride with the ability to add sportiness or alter your luxury or exotic sport car's height at a whim. Black Star can help you choose from bolt-on OEM replacement kits, or a custom setup.  Our experienced installers will tweak your air suspension installation to suit your needs and desires.



Lowering Springs and Coilovers for Aftermarket Suspension in ChicagoLOWERING SPRINGS

Lowering Springs are an effective modification to reduce squat during acceleration, nose dive during braking, and body roll in corners. Say goodbye to the awful OEM fender gap while dialing up the sportiness factor. We offer suspension solutions ranging from a modest dip to a dramatic drop - let us know how low you want to go and we’re happy to advise to ensure proper ride comfort.


Aftermarket CoiloversCOILOVERS

Coilovers offer increased handling with aggressive lowering potential. Adjustable perches allow for a ride height of your choosing. Double adjustable coilovers allow for corner balancing to equally distribute weight across the vehicle. Opt for adjustable rebound and compression control to set the ride characteristics. You’ve got a wealth of options and we are here to help you get the ideal blend of performance and comfort.



Aftermarket Lift Kits for Luxury TrucksLIFT KITS

Get the right lift kit for your truck to hit dirt roads, go rock crawling, and explore all kinds of rugged terrain. It doesn’t matter if you want a body kit lift kit to increase clearance for larger tires or a professional setup to tackle the trail - we’ve got a wide range of solutions that won’t fail you. Our premium suspension lift kits can replace the entire suspension system with coils springs, torsion bars, lift blocks or leafs to raise the chassis safely and durably.


Local Mechanic Brakes Suspension Luxury Exotic Performance Sports Cars and VehiclesBIG BRAKE KITS

Elevate the stopping power and heat shedding capabilities of your brake system through a well engineered Big Brake Kit. BBK’s take the guesswork out of matching individual components while saving you money in the process. Larger rotors with heat shedding features function as a better heatsink during sustained periods of braking use.  Carefully selected pad compounds can offer a range of benefits from increased initial bite, linear pedal feeling for enhanced predictability, and serious stopping power when it matters. Call us and we’ll ensure your track setup is the best it can be.

If you are seeking a reputable and reliable mechanic that specializes in the installation of aftermarket air suspension & big brake kits, then look no further.  We distribute and install aftermarket air suspension and brakes for all domestic, import, and exotic vehicles Including but not limited to high end makes and models such as Lamborgini, Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati, BMX, Mercedes Benz, Mclaren, Alpha Romeo & much more! Contact us today for a free estimate.