Revel in the latest tech upgrades for your car backed by expert advice at Black Star. Enhance safety with parking and driving aids or enjoy the convenience of a remote start system. Save yourself the cost of a ticket with a wide range of radar detectors. We specialize in custom designed sound setups for crystal clear audio and the latest touch screen infotainment systems.


Nothing ends an enjoyable spirited driving session faster than red and blue lights in the rearview mirror. Police radar detection, laser jamming, every K40 solution - we have the newest and most advanced warning range systems you need to drive fast, safe, and ticket-free. Spot potential upcoming threats and move stealthily move through areas where the local authorities are using a wider range of detection equipment. Today’s systems are tailored to your car to be as unobtrusive as possible, but easily recognized via a series of visual and auditory cues depending on your preference.




Few things in car ownership are as important as protecting your pride and joy then the use of a security system. Enjoy the comfort of a remote start feature to warm your car up or cool the interior down with air conditioning at the press of a button. Fitting either of these devices or a combination of the two can help give you the peace of mind that your ride is secure and that you’ll be ready to hop in and go anywhere without having the wait for the car to reach operating temperatures.


You don’t need to buy a new car for the latest technology when we can retrofit it in for a fraction of the price! Blind Spot Assistance, Rear Parking Aids, Ambient Lighting, Bluetooth, and Integrated GPS are just some of the conveniences we specialize in. Our specialists can implement your tech upgrades with OEM quality fit and finish for a safer, more enjoyably driving experience. Consult with us to ensure our ASE master certified technicians can add the convenience you’re looking for.

Aftermarket Blind Spot Assistance, Rear Parking Aids, Ambient Lighting, Bluetooth, and Integrated GPS

Custom Car Audio for Exotic Sports Cars and Luxury Vehicles in Chicago


It’s important to correctly pair the right car stereo components together correctly for proper functionality and high quality sound - we know “watts up” when it comes to car audio. We’re experienced in working with subwoofer enclosures, custom speaker setups, in-dash stereos, and entertainment setups. Revamp your interior based around a complete sound experience or increase the clarity of the system you already have.

OEM Integration

Upgrade your vehicle without losing any of the original features or functionality - or add more! Integrated stereo replacement interfaces enable the factory steering wheel controls and other functions to work with upgraded aftermarket stereos where upgraded units would not fit in the factory radio slot. Add a plug and play touchscreen dash kit or navigation to your car with an OEM quality result!