Go faster, stop harder, turn quicker. Build it once, built it right with quality performance auto parts from Black Star. We have decades of experience building fast, reliable exotic performance automobiles and we’re happy to outfit you with the components you need for your project or install them for you.

ECU Tuning for Exotic Automobiles and Sports CarsECU TUNING

Factory ECUs are dialed in from the factory to operate under a strict set of parameters - you may not fully realize the true power potential and drivability of your exotic performance automobile car and its mods without an aftermarket ECU Tune. Unlock more performance through optimized ECU parameters and do it safely with our carefully cultivated selection of tunes. Most software tuning is done through the OBDII port through our provided hardware via a simple process that is easily reversed if necessary.

Turbo and Super Chargers for Exotic Sports Cars in Chicago


More air in - more power out. Massively increase power through a Turbocharger or Supercharger kit to take your car to the next level with increased boost. We offer solutions for varying power levels and the accompanying upgrades to support your build by increasing reliability, reducing heat soak, and maximizing efficiency for industry-leading performance.

Exotic Upgrades for Exotic Sports Cars in Chicago


A hallmark of an epic build: it’s heard before it’s seen! Black Star is the #1 distributor of Capristo exotic exhausts  exhaust systems in the US and specialists in every other brand through extensive in-house experience. If you’re after more power or sound, we’ve got you covered,  from headers to tips,  with the widest variety of aftermarket exhaust systems on the market.


Water methanol injection meth inject for maximum exotic sports car performance


Water/methanol injection effectively reduces inlet air temperatures and helps prevent engine failure on big power builds squeezing out every last bit of efficiency. Dial up the boost, increase timing advance, and gain big power from an injection kit - all while decreasing your chance of detonation! We offer bolt-in, ready to go kits and custom solutions for the most serious setups. 




Engine and drivetrain strengthening becomes a vital aspect once introducing significant changes in horsepower. A feature often overlooked, we have upgrades to help you effectively achieve your horsepower goals easily and safely. The critical factor in being able to enjoy your tuned vehicle is to make sure your car feels balanced. We offer custom builds on an individual basis.