Black Star’s ASE certified technicians have experience with the high end exotics and sports cars backed with the knowledge to maintain or improve any vehicle you bring us. Protect your investment by trusting us with your maintenance or upgrades.

Local Exotic Sports Car and Luxury Auto Mechanic in Chicago Buffalo GroveMaintenance

Brakes, bushings, tires, fluid changes - we do it all. At Black Star we will always offer you competitive rates, on-on-one consultation, and industry leading service. We offer solutions in all price ranges and specialize in upgrading beyond OEM for a superior driving experience.

Diagnose Auto Local Mechanic fo Super Cars in Chicago


Let your problems become ours to solve. With extensive automotive experience and a wide variety of high-end tools our ASE certified technicians are able to quickly diagnose issues with your car. Prevent any potential issues from turning into catastrophic and costly failure. We’re standing by to solve any issue with OEM or aftermarket components to have your car in top condition - quickly and cost effectively.

Wheel and Rim Repair for Luxury Cars and Exotics in Chicago and Northshore

Wheel & Rim Repair

Wheel repair services can fix a variety of wheel & rim damage, from peeling clear coats & damaged rims to bent & scratched wheels. Our wheel repair process begins with a wheel & rim inspection & could include wheel straightening, refinishing, polishing, buffing, grinding, powder coating &repainting. We also offer refinishing services to change the color or finish of your wheels for a custom look.


Pre-Purchase Inspection for Exotic Super Sports Cars and Luxury Vehicles

Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI)

Don’t make the mistake of buying a lemon or missing a critical issue when purchasing a vehicle. Black Star can thoroughly evaluate the vehicle for engine health, fluid life, body, frame, & suspension condition. We test all operating functions for a complete summary of health & value. As we install all possible components that could be replaced on a vehicle, we have extensive knowledge & a keen eye of what is noteworthy & what will be an issue in a potential purchase. We’re also able to repair any issues that we find for a complete one-stop service.

Oil Change for Exotic Performance Sports & Luxury Cars in Chicago and Northshore

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Get OEM service without OEM prices - faster and more thoroughly. Follow your factory maintenance record and let us keep your vehicle in great condition with original or premium quality components. From replacement filters to oil changes and thorough inspections, we’ll protect the value of your car.