DMC is a German designer of exclusive automobiles that redefines luxury tuning for owners of Lamborghini, Ferrari and other supercar automobiles. It offers individualization options for your car’s interior and exterior designs that are TUV certified and regularly exposed at the prestigious Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. The company was founded in Germany 2009 and quickly expanded to Hong Kong and the Middle East, where it developed its major hot-spots. Over the years, DMC became the de-facto reference for Lamborghini refinement. Our works on the Diablo, Murcielago and Gallardo paved the way for its initial history. But the company earned over-night fame when it launched the Aventador “Molto Veloce” in 2012.

German Quality

All DMC products come with TUV Certificate. TUV is Germany’s Testing Facility for Automotive Products, well known to be strict when it comes to material testing. DMC products underwent rigid procedures and were found to conform with TUV’s German Norm.

Carbon Fiber

DMC’s favourite material comes in a variety of product choices. We offer 100% Carbon Fiber solutions, from it’s small parts to big replacement bumpers. Laminating carbon on top of other materials is not used on DMC designed products, giving you always the best, lightest and aerodynamic most sensible solution.