Police Radar Detection, Laser Jamming, Built-in, or Portable…we have the newest and most advanced warning range solutions you need to drive fast, safe, and ticket-free. K40 was built around our customers – fast-lane drivers who expect the best.

Your K40 five-star customer experience begins with meeting a K40 expert for a consultation. They will customize your radar and laser detection system to cater to your driving style. Your system is installed by our master technicians that have been factory trained by K40. K40’s in-house team of experts are on-call, helping ensure you’re always protected and receive the assistance you need.

We also carry Escort built in and Portable units.


Looking to upgrade your stock audio system? We can install subwoofer enclosures, custom door panels and everything in-between.

Please stop by for a custom quote since not all vehicles are the same.


A remote starter allows you to start your car or truck using a key-fob remote control―without going outside. We offer different options from the basic 1button remote to adding a smart car starter that works from your smartphone. Adding a security alarm system will give you the reassurance that your vehicle is well protected. We offer 2-way paging or a smart car alarm.
We also offer GPS tracking systems and in-vehicle recording devices.


Did your vehicle not have a certain option? Don’t worry, we offer a multitude of solutions for every vehicle owner. Blind Spot Assistance, Rear Parking Aids, Ambient Lighting, Bluetooth, and Integrated GPS are just some of the conveniences we can integrate in to your vehicle.