Black Star’s prowess has been forged over several decades through multiple disciplines in the automotive industry. Our founder was born into the business and worked in various roles in family owned and operated shops to build a diverse skill set.  The various roles included owning and managing Collision Repair Shops, Mechanical Shops and Used Car Sales.

With experience earned and aspirations growing, our founder opened his own shop, Body Works, to focus on improving all aspects of his customers' vehicles. Modding had taken off in the import scene and it was time to stand out with unique builds - from frame up into industry fame. 

Eventually our founder wanted to branch out into exotic fabrication and customization. Auto Art rose into one of the largest exotic tuner and customization shops in the Midwest.

In 2018, our founder assembled a new group of top tier industry talent to form Blackstar.

Everyone here is ready to help build your dream car and make your visions a reality - from off road trucks to twin turbo exotics and everything in between - been there, built that. We’ve formed great relationships with as many brands as possible to offer some of the world's most exclusive products - and we’re always willing to roll up our sleeves and craft what may not be available to meet your goals. We’ve worked our whole lives to hone our craft and offer you the best possible experience - please allow us to earn your business.